How can relationship counselling help when problems start to occur?

Often when problems in a relationship surface, the temptation for many couples is to go to relationship or marriage counselling together to seek help. While I can understand this approach, I recommend an individual who wishes to seek help from a counsellor do so on their own, at least in the first instance.

I offer individual, one to one online relationship counselling as in my experience, having the time and space to talk through your relationship in a calm and neutral setting, without judgement, is extremely important so you can explore and make sense of your own relationship, how problems have developed and what you need to be you need to be happy.

Being able to talk without being conscious of your partner in the same session can allow for greater freedom and more useful outcomes.

Use relationship counselling to become more confident in dealing with all aspects of relationships

  • Communication – develop skills to improve the way you communicate with your partner, without taking things personally
  • Sexual problems – this is often a difficult subject to discuss, but with the right help and understanding, talking about these issues can open up new approaches and resolutions
  • Infidelity and Affairs – I help individuals understand why seeking company or sex outside of a relationship occurs and offer freedom to discuss it without judgement and how you can move forward in a positive way after it has occurred.
  • Marriage – Whether you are married, wanting to get married or unsure if marriage is for you, I help individuals define what marriage is and means to them and build confidence about what you want and don’t want out of a marriage
  • Monogamy and Non-monogamy – The topic of monogamy often comes with lot’s of judgement about what is right or wrong, or appropriate or not appropriate in a relationship. I help individuals explore what type of sexual relationship is right for them and what expectations they have of themselves and their partner.
  • Porn use and addiction – With porn being readily accessible in our modern world, it can be a source of tension in many relationships. By talking about your own or your partners porn use or addiction in a neutral setting without judgement, it can be the first step to overcoming any issues it is causing in your relationship
  • Children and IVF – In many relationships, wanting or not wanting children can be a source of great tension. The increased availability of IVF can place addition financial and other stresses onto a relationship. Taking time and space to discuss this can help you determine what will make you happy in life and how to discuss it with a partner who might have a different perspective
  • LGBTI relationships – For individuals in same sex relationships or who are part of the LGBTI community, it can be important to speak with someone who has a good understanding of gay, lesbian, transgender and other issues that may also impact your relationship in different ways. By talking these issues through in a neutral setting it can help increase your confidence and better determine how to move forward in your relationship
If you are experiencing problems in your relationship and want to know if relationship counselling can help you, please call 0401 260 545 to see how counselling can help you.