Samuel is an experienced and passionate Executive and Wellness Coach and works with both individuals and organisations who want to engage positive and exciting change:

Wellness Coaching

In the fast paced world in which we live, feeling tired, a little burnt out, or without energy can lead to you feeling unwell. After a while the stress of feeling like this can build and can negatively impact our state of mind and physical health as well as our personal and professional life and relationships.

Whether you are working long hours, struggling to balance your professional and personal life, experiencing stressful new life events such being a new parent or getting married, it can be hard to find time to redress the balance.

Wellness coaching is an effective way to step out of your fast paced world and speak to someone who can guide you on simple and effective strategies to slow your life down, gain more energy and ultimately find more enjoyment and peace in your life – no matter what life stage you are at.

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Executive Coaching

Commercial demands in today’s corporate world with pressure to deliver on KPI’s, meet budget requirements, manage staff and have access to work and emails 24/7 can be difficult to manage. Common issues and questions I help new and senior executives overcome include:

Work/life balance

Does your business success have to come at the expense of your personal life?

How do I successfully push back when work starts to encroach on my personal life?

Improve productivity

How can I slow down but improve productivity?

I have lost my motivation – how do I rediscover inspiration for my work?

Career Transitions

How do I take parental leave but not setback my career?

How do I align my personal values with my corporate career?

Should I stay in my existing role or look externally?

I am unsure how to prioritise earning a good salary versus doing something I enjoy more?

Management & relationships

I am a new manager but am unsure how to lead and inspire my team?

How do I promote the success of others without jeopardising my own?

My organisation talks about innovation – how to I tap into this and create new and exciting business opportunities?

I struggle with confidence in meetings or when expressing my opinion to senior executives – how do I overcome this?

How do I deal with aggressive or difficult colleagues in the workplace?

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