When employees are healthy there are enormous benefits for them and the business they work for. Healthy employees are more productive, they are more engaged in the jobs, they take less sick days and they work more effectively with customers.

In simple terms, if you are happy and healthy at work, you will do a better job, keep customers satisfied and enjoy what you do!

**COVID-19 Employee Resilience Webinar Series

Building resilience in the face of global crisis takes purpose and intention. As the spread of COVID-19 continues and we use remote working, we need to stay connected and support each other more than ever. Employer support at this uncertain time is critical, so this webinars series is designed to boost your employee’s resilience, mental health and wellbeing and will cover:

  •  Stress, fear and anxiety reduction
  •  Trigger identification
  •  Make calm choices in uncertain times
  •  Self-care and connection during COVID-19
  •  Productivity focus and moving forward
  •  Co-hosted with an experienced Registered Mental Health Nurse
  •  Live Q&A, chat and polls

Please call or message me for a full program outline and to set this up for your organisation.

COVID-19 Resilience Webinar hosts

Open Change Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Open Change offers employers and organisations a workplace wellbeing program that focuses on improving employees mental health and overall wellbeing. The program is delivered in three distinct parts to enable effective change:

  1. Awareness
  2. Understanding
  3. Change

Session 1: Awareness

Learn to identify workplace stress and common triggers

Maintaining health and wellbeing in our busy world can be difficult with the increased demands in our work and personal lives. When stresses of life increase our physical and mental health can suffer reducing our sense of wellbeing.

In the awareness session, I discuss how stress impacts our mental and physical wellbeing. I cover common mental health issues including anxiety and depression and explore common workplace triggers for stress and how we can become more aware of them.

I also cover traditional and alternative paths to wellness including how GP’s, psychologists and other therapist help people improve their mental health to demonstrate what seeking this help means in practice.

Session 2: Understanding

Learn how stress can affect our health and wellbeing

Once we become aware of our own mental health levels and the levels of those around us, we are able to deepen our understanding of wellness and wellbeing. 

Using examples from our own personal and professional lives, this session will increase understanding of how stress can affect both our mental and physical health. We will then discuss simple and practical tools and strategies that are easy to implement and will help employees make positive change.

Session 3: Change

Make the changes for genuine, long-term wellbeing

When we become aware of and understand the keys to improved mental health and wellbeing, change is possible but this doesn’t mean it is easy. Many of us fail to make the changes we want in our life, even with the best intention.

In this session, we use real-life examples to learn why change is hard, the reasons people often revert to old ways of being, and learn tools to help us keep moving forward during setbacks in order to stay on track to improved mental health and wellbeing.


I also offer individual and group coaching to employees who would benefit from ongoing support as they move towards improved levels of mental health and wellbeing in their personal and professional lives.

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