In addition to the comprehensive health, mental health, and wellbeing programs Open Change offer using the Awareness | Understanding | Change (AUC) methodology, I am also able available as an employee wellness keynote speaker, to deliver elements of this program through one off presentations and keynote speaking events on various mental health topics:

Guest Speaking Workplace Wellbeing Topics

Technology and wellbeing:

Technology innovation and flexible working have made many positive changes to working life, but they also mean we are also more connected to our work every hour of the day. This can make it difficult to switch off which makes the line between our personal and professional lives increasingly blurred.

These changes are neither good or bad on their own. How we respond to and manage the evolution in working life has the greatest impact on our health and wellbeing.


Opening up to blame culture:

This keynote speaking topic is usually very popular as there is an element of blame in nearly every organisation. I present this in a non-confronting manner and start off by acknowledging how all of us, including myself, are prone to blaming from time to time, how it increase stress within organisations, and why it inhibits innovation, creativity and progress.


Working Parents:

Managing personal levels of stress and finding more time during significant life changes and events is a very popular topic for my guest speaking events. Great for new and prospective parents with tips on how to maintain and progress your career while spending more time with family, and focusing on your personal wellbeing. I am available to deliver speeches that focus on Dads or Mums specifically. 


Not Taking Life Too Seriously:

This makes a great motivational type presentation for larger groups. I talk through my personal journey and how our society has come to take life all too seriously.

I also map out ways to combat this work-first mentality in everyday life to bring more joy, prosperity and fun into our world.


Building true confidence and resilience:

In this workshop, I help define what true confidence is and give people the tools to develop this for themselves in a way that aligns to their career and personal goals, and their unique personality.

Many people struggle with confidence in the workplace whether it be a case of not enough or ‘too much’. Another common problem is being resilient in the face of adversity, so this is very topical area for many organisations.


Moment by moment living:

In today’s world where we are constantly switched on and are more connected to work than ever through technology, taking time to disconnect is increasingly important.

In this workshop, I outline ways to switch off and find places of calm in our busy, and at times crazy 24/7 existence, both at work and at home.


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