How can counselling help me manage my anger?

Acknowledging that your anger gets the better of you at times and is causing stress or problems in your life is a great step towards addressing your anger management issues.

Most clients who see me for help with anger management feel shame or guilt in relation to the anger they hold and realise they would be happier if they were able to reduce and control it. This is why I offer one to one online anger management counselling sessions for these issues in a calm, positive and neutral setting where you are free to talk about any aspect of your anger and the reasons for it, without judgement.

Anger is a normal emotion which we all express from time to time, however, when it becomes a problem in your life, it is commonly associated with high levels of stress. I help my clients identify the sources of stress in their life that may be causing frustration which is often expressed in the form of anger.

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Identify the source of your anger

Common source of stress that trigger anger include:

  • Relationships – with partners, family members, working relationships or even relationships from childhood can be triggers for stress and anger
  • Financial stress – it is commonly said that we worry about money more than our health which is no wonder it can add to frustration and in turn anger
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Identity issues – how you are perceived, expectations placed upon you by yourself or by others, or what society expects of you can be anger triggers. Identity issues can be related to your role as a man, woman, mother, father, sexual identity and many others depending on your unique life circumstances
  • Alcohol or drugs – often anger occurs when consuming alcohol or taking drugs as it is a gateway to expressing pent up emotion and anger, however, it ultimately clouds our judgement and perspective which adds to stress and increases levels of anger

Once we identify the sources of stress and triggers for anger in your life, we are then able to put together a plan to help you to manage your anger when it surfaces.

Tools to manage anger as it arises

Simply talking about anger management issues can often help reduce some tension to give you space and more awareness to then manage your anger when it arises. I help my clients:

  • Identify the physical symptoms of anger as they arise such as surges of adrenaline, racing heart beat and racing thoughts
  • Develop and practise relaxation techniques to take the edge off anger as it arises
  • Acknowledge anger in the moment it surfaces and develop skills to allow it to dissipate rather than escalate
  • Set up additional support structures in your life to allow you to express your anger in a safe setting, without judgement
  • Help you overcome feelings of shame and guilt that often intensify expressions of anger
If you are currently experiencing anger management issues and want to know if counselling can help you, please call 0401 260 545 for a free, confidential 15 minute conversation.