How will an Open Change Counsellor or Therapist help me?

Counselling and therapy can help with anxiety, panic, relationships problems, anger, career stress and other issues as they are often stress related and can cause a lot of suffering for individuals and couples.

As a trained Counsellor & Coach from Melbourne, I offer you a dedicated time and space to help you gain a deep understanding of what problems and issues are effecting or limiting your happiness and put in place strategies to help you cope and move forward in a positive direction.

Stress and problems in your life can develop over a long period of time without you really noticing, so when people first experience anxiety, panic or a crisis in a relationship for example, it can be a bewildering and at times a difficult experience. This is why I offer counselling sessions face to face via Skype and over the phone from the privacy of your own home, or in person in a calm and neutral environment where we can talk through your experiences, potential stress triggers for you and ways to manage and overcome them.

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I have helped people with:
  • Workplace stress and anxiety
  • Overthinking
  • Social phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessive thoughts and rumination
  • Managing physical symptoms of anxiety
  • Build a foundation of inner confidence
  • Relationship counselling – overcoming differences, managing break ups, reconciliation, sexual problems, affairs and moving on after a relationship ends
  • Anger management – get to the source of why anger occurs in you and manage the physical symptoms and surges of anger as they develop.
What can I expect from an Open Change Counselling session?

Before I book a consultation, I ask to speak briefly with each client over the phone to get a general understanding of what support you are looking for and any expectations or questions you may have. If you feel comfortable we will then book in an appointment at a time convenient for you.

During the first session I will ask you some more questions to get additional background information and better understand your situation. I will also give you a more detailed overview of my approach to counselling in reference to your specific goals or needs. We always work at a pace and in a direction that is comfortable for you and I always set aside time in the first session to cover any pressing concerns or questions you may have. Before the conclusion of each session, my clients find it useful if we put together some positive next steps and agree how you would like to work with me moving forward.

How often should I see a Counsellor?

Only as long as you feel you are getting benefit or making progress. Depending on your life situations including work, personal relationships, available support and even financial circumstances, everyone is different and will have different needs from a counsellor. My aim is to help you move forward and overcome any difficulties you are experiencing, such as anxiety and stress.

Once this is achieved many clients conclude their sessions, while other come back to check in everyone now and then. Some also find that their initial concern may lead to making further positive changes in their lives in regard to career or relationships for example, so may request further support with these areas of their lives.

Are you looking for someone to assist with mental health engagement in the workplace? Open Change offers Melbourne Executive Coaching, Guest Speaking, and Wellbeing Programs.