28 09, 2018

Stress in healthcare – take back control of your health

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How do you take control over your own health in a complex healthcare system? Anyone who experiences health issues has to move in and out of the health system and it can have a huge impact on our career, family and overall wellbeing. In this podcast with friend and colleague Sarah Kavanagh, a Mental Health [...]

24 07, 2017

Why Promoting Workplace Wellness and Reducing Stress Should be the Number One Focus in Every Business

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Happy and healthy employees are productive, efficient and engaged. Happy and healthy employees will keep your customers happy and make you more money. It really is that simple. So how do you get your employees happy? Promote workplace wellness to reduce stress. Workplace wellness programs The modern-day workplace employee is suffering from unprecedented levels of [...]

10 03, 2017

Dealing with Taboo Topics

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Taboo topics: why are they so hard to discuss? Donald Trump, Brexit, Vaccines, Muslims….and the list goes on. Recently I have observed or participated in conversations that are ‘red hot’ and extremely polarizing. These topics have the ability to make otherwise intelligent and civil people’s blood boil. In many instances vitriol, abuse and hate is [...]