‘It is important to me that my clients are satisfied, have a positive experience and are constantly making progress. Here is some of what they have to say.

“Samuel delivered a terrific workplace seminar, at both our Melbourne and Sydney offices, regarding Identifying and Managing Stress in the Workplace for our Health and Wellbeing Week at Infomedia. He was personable, engaging and communicative. I highly recommend Samuel to anyone in search of a Speaker. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Hannah Forbes (Employee Experience Partner, Infomedia)

“Sam presented a session on Career Success & Personal Brand as part of our Save the Children Career Week. The session was engaging, practical and exceptionally well received. In addition to those in the room, we had employees dialling in from across Australia and Sam navigated this brilliantly to ensure everyone actively participated.  Sam’s was the first session of our Career Week and really energised our staff for the events that followed. We hope to have Sam back!”
Anita Denver (Acting Director of People & Culture, Save The Children Australia)

“Sam is incredibly authentic and engaging. He has a great capacity to introduce the audience to ideas and concepts which seem so obvious, yet can be very difficult things for many of us to approach. Sam quickly builds rapport with his audience which I believe creates a trust which results is stronger and more powerful messages. I look forward to working with him again.”
Glenn Taylor (CEO, Nurse & Midwife Health Program Victoria)

“The sessions conducted by Sam focused on managing stress and staff knowing their triggers and keeping them happy. My staff have already used some of the strategies highlighted by Sam and it is creating a more supportive and enthusiastic staff. A great session and presentation”
David Reid (Principal, Timboon P12 Primary & High School)

“Sam had a hugely positive influence in my career. He mentored me early in my career and helped me develop professional skills, identify my strengths, navigate through difficult situations and gain more confidence in the workplace. Sam is very intuitive and gives excellent insights into professional and social situations, coupled with his easy going nature makes him an outstanding coach and mentor. I couldn’t recommend Sam enough.”
Jennifer Wing (Marketing Manager, American Express)

“Sam helped work through some complex issues by initially helping me understand the symptoms and how my body reacts to certain situations. This evolved to helping arm me with tools and support mechanisms to help me break through what at the time felt like an unrecoverable state.”
Tony P

“Sam is someone who builds confidence and resilience in people, who helps to navigate a changing world increasingly impacted by globalization and disruption. Sam balances perspectives and dissolves inner self-doubt to make a positive case for change to create new ways of thinking about life’s opportunities.”
Brett O’Connor

“I highly recommend Sam to anyone who needs to change, in whatever area of life, but feels stuck. Sam’s down to earth, skilful approach helps to reveal the way forward.”
Helen Stevens