Why is change so hard?

While my approach to implementing change in your life is simple, making change itself can be hard as we we attempt to override a lifetime of habitual routines, thoughts and emotions. Even if you are experiencing unpleasant situations or circumstances in your personal or professional life, if these are familiar to you then in some ways they have become comfortable.

Thriving in changing and uncertain conditions has a positive correlation with creativity, innovation, resilience and happiness, as well as increased productivity and ultimately success. So, change is hard but it is always rewarding.

This is why I recommend speaking with a neutral mentor or coach on a regular basis to discuss ways to override these old ways of being and forge new thought patterns and habits that better serve you on your journey to creating an exceptional life.

Why don’t people change?

Often clients tell me that they don’t have the willpower or discipline to implement lasting change in their life. However, in my experience, once clients take the time to understand why change is hard and break down their goals into small manageable steps, change comes a lot easier.

Change is hard because we often get bluffed by physical symptoms which we can confuse for a ‘lack of willpower’. For example, someone who wishes to spend more time exercising may try to go to the gym, but when it is time to actually go for a workout it can ‘feel’ really hard. This is because  over time we have inadvertently trained our thoughts to trigger physical symptoms that create a ‘negative’ feeling every time we go to make a change. It can be as simple as a rush of adrenaline, muscle tension or a feeling of tiredness that feels uncomfortable and bluffs us into avoiding the changes we are trying to make in our personal or professional life.

Once we understand the impact of our physical bodies and the symptoms generated by our thoughts, we can start to undo old habits, behaviours and beliefs. Talking this process through with someone who understands and listens without judgement can enable individuals to make all sorts of fantastic changes in their lives.\